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The Impact and

Definition of a Role

Every single player receives a role when the game begins and that role dictates the players winning condition as well as gives them unique advantages within a game through the use of abilities.

Roles are distributed across three alignments, Town, Mafia, and Neutrals


- Bodyguard

- Doctor

- Paranoid Doctor

- Detective

- Journalist

- Sheriff



- Bus Driver

- Citizen

- Escort

- Marshall

- Mayor

- Nurse

- Oracle

- Backup

With the widest array of roles and ability types, the town excels through diversity. While some roles will be focusing on saving players, others will working behind the scenes gathering information, killing high profile targets, and moving people around

- Jailor

- Veteran

- Vigilante

- Dumpster Diver

- Grave Robber

- Smith

The Citizen role has 5 unique subclasses that are assigned in secret. These subclasses have powerful effects that deter players from targeting them. This, on the other hand, also makes Citizens an easy role claim for Mafia and Neutrals

Town Roles

- Chauffer


- Stalker

- Bartender



- Godfather

- Bruiser

- Cousin Benny

- Mafioso

- Kidnapper


- Actress

- Janitor

- Tailor

- Mole

- Framer


The Mafia has an even spread of roles and abilities, though they do usually favor deception. With the goal of picking off their targets one by one, they need to remain in the shadows and out of the prying eyes of the Town. When in a dire situation however, Mafia tends to have an extremely powerful killing role that can get a job done, even if the target is being protected that night.

Neutral Roles


- Alien

- Anarchist

- Hoarder

- Mass Murderer

- Siren

- Serial Killer


- Arsonist

- Auditor

- Jack the Ripper

- Lizard Person

- Mad Scientist

- Stray

- Bonnie

- Clyde

- Cult Leader

- Cultist

- Mortician

- Zombie

- Vampire


- Amnesiac

- Survivor


Town Role Types

- Protection

     -  Town Protection roles work to preserve the vitality of the Town. They are able to reflect most attacks and sometimes can even kill the perpetrator. Doctors, Paranoid Doctors, and Bodyguards are the lifeblood of a healthy Town and should be looked after by the other Townies.

- Investigation

     - Town Investigation roles serve an important part by deducing or supporting rumors. Their abilities range finding evil-doers as Suspicious, can watch who players visit, or receive updated alignment list. Because of this, they usually make prime targets for players who want to hide.

- Utility

     - The diversity of the town stems from their Utility roles. These roles dramatically shift the tone of the game by giving introducing abilities that can move players around, give players the opportunity to use their ability twice in a game, change the outcome of trials or executions, or foresee the future. Utilities make an amazing guise for the Mafia and Neutrals due to their excessive range.

- Killer

     - Players who receive Town Killer role must be ready to strike at any moment through instincts, courage, and knowledge. The Mafia and Neutrals can be extremely elusive and avoid being placed on trial, but this is where the Town Killer shines. A dead Mafia is no longer a threat to the Town and whether a Town Killer tricks them into a visit, arrest them, or takes it upon themselves to murder their target in their sleep, they take care of what the Town as a whole can't

- Items

     - Item roles are unique to the Town and can be created in unlimited supply. Although the way players gain items change, each of these Roles can create or receive a Gun, a Bulletproof Vest, or a pair of Binoculars, in which each do as you would assume. In addition players can usually also use their ability in parallel with an item.

Town Types

Mafia Role Types

- Utility

     - The Utility roles within the Mafia serve as a way to make the Mafia a little more well-rounded. The way they work range from controlling other players to being simply an extra vote (with a bulletproof vest of course). These roles usually come in clutch when you least expect it, however, learning that another player is actually a neutral aligned role can save one of your buddies from trial for an additional day.

- Killer

     - The Godfather will exist every game and can kill nightly. Because of this, other killer roles are not a necessary for the Mafia. But, who doesn't like additional killers? The Mafia has a few extremely powerful killers that can change the pace of the game by increasing a nights kill count, reducing opposing players, and making people distrust each other even more.

- Deception

     - The heart and soul of the Mafia lays in their Deception roles. With the need to refrain from being triad, they wield the ability to make other players look Suspicious, pose as the Town, or even hide the identities of deceased players. The Mafia is powerful as long as they are not being targeted. 

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