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Day Phase

The Day Phase starts with the Morning Post at 8A.M. that highlights all the deaths of the previous night. The Day last until 5P.M.


Trial Phase

At 5P.M. players discuss and vote on a poll for who they would like to accuse. The player with the most votes is then put up on the execution block after 30 minutes.


Execution Phase

At 5:30P.M. players vote on an accused player. They have 30 minutes to defend themselves. If the majority of votes favor to kill, the player is executed and their role is revealed. 


Discussion Phase

Starting at 6P.M. players have an hour after the execution to talk about both the events that just transpired as well as what their plans are (or are not) going into the night.


Night Phase

Starting at 7P.M. all public and private chats are closed and players will use their abilities. During this time only the Mafia and Neutral Leagues are allowed to discuss in private. Night ends at 8A.M. via announcement of the Morning Post.

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