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Makings of Betrayal

A Multiday Social Deduction Experience

As a  refreshing take on social deduction games that mixes real time elements, social media, and thought provoking challenges, Makings of Betrayal is something you have never experienced before. With 5 years of development, an astonishingly loyal fan base, and a little push, we have have officially taken the first steps in bringing this game to you.


What It Is

Makings of Betrayal is a multi-day social deduction game played over the course of 5 days. With over 50 unique roles, 100 game compositions, and the ability to play with anyone and everyone, Makings of Betrayal offers a new and refreshing take on the classic Mafia party game over and over again.   

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Throughout our Alpha we have played a couple dozen games with friends over the past 5 years. Here are some testimonials to the fun thrilling excitement that our game entails. 

"Honestly, just thank you for making one of my favorite cards games into an online game, it’s so much fun and I’ve met so many great people."

"Honestly, just thank you for making one of my favorite cards games into an online game, it’s so much fun and I’ve met so many great people."

"Wow. Thank you all for an amazing game of twists and turns! Never a dull moment with you lot!"

"By FAR the best social-deception game I've ever played. You will make new friends, forge bitter rivalries, and learn more about yourself while you pace around the house screaming at your phone because a trial isn't going the way you thought it would. It's awesome."

- Hayden, 5 year member

"This game messes with your head in the best way possible. If you want to see how well you REALLY know your friends, this game is it for you. It’s truly the ultimate social deception game out there."

- Hannah, 5 year member

"This is such a fun community you guys have created. Thank you! I’m honored to be included."

"I'm just here. The things happened... The drama was fun to watch"

"Makings of Betrayal makes Among Us look like a game of tag. This social deception game will send you falling down a rabbit hole that will not only leave you questioning everyone and everything, but also yourself. Play the game and discover how far you will go to catch a foe, or get away with bloody murder."

- Fernando, 3 year member

"What a game lol, Thanks for killing me"

"How?! And I’m feelin real dumb right now"

"This was so much fun!"


"You never know what to expect with this new age spin off the traditional Werewolf. MOB will force you to become the true paranoid you were always meant to be. 10/10 would murder my friends over this game."

-Michelle, 3 year member

"Mafia is a great game for folks who are busy but want to engage in the type of social manipulation game you'd get from a solid 3 hours at a table with friends. Each day presents a new challenge of intrigue, and forces you to think dynamically about your faction's strengths and weaknesses. My favorite part is that it demands the type of deception that will make you throw away childhood friendships just for that satisfying win"

-Andrew, 1 year member

"This game truly got me through the pandemic. This is a social deception game that relies entirely on strategic ability and is the perfect game to play even if your real-life lying skills are garbage."

-Savannah, 1 year member

"Makings of Betrayal is next level social deception! They were like “Psychological warfare, but make it fun... also throw in the comradery of this unique lil community while you’re at it.” Anyone who’s played MOB: “That game was insane! when’s the next one?!”

-Libby, 2 year member

"This game is like.. sitting in that room in spy kids where everything is a projection or illusion but it all looks like 1000% real and you know you're having fun in your brain, but your heart and the room around you is convinced that the world is absolute madness and your best friend is trying to kill you and you have to team up with lovable strangers just to maybe stay alive till the end, let alone secure a win. The hype, the energy, the tension is SO REAL but in the best way because you can backstab your buds without consequences"

-Julia, 2 year member

-Hayden, 5 year member


Alex Baker, Co - Creative Director

Lead Designer

Social Strategist with Social Anxiety

Alex is originally from Walla Walla Washington, a city so nice they named it twice. With studies in Anthropology, Art, and Computer Sciences they are drawn to the beauty of both the natural and the human in the world. Hopefully one day they'll find a way to incorporate that passion into their life, but for now they are focusing on the development of a game that involves betraying those you love the most.


Madison Burnes, Co - Creative Director

Project Manager

Three Rats in a Pink Trench Coat

Madison is a Graduate from Cal State University Chico where she majored in Theatre Arts and Women's Studies. She believes that representation matters and that entertainment and social change go hand in hand. Her hobbies include gardening, alternative fashion, and of course.... social deduction games!

More to Come!

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